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What Kind Of Fruit Is A Kiwi? – Origin, Types, Selection, and Tips

Kiwifruit is a very popular name, and most people prefer to choose it as a nutritious fruit to eat and prepare. Have you ever wondered about the origin or how to process kiwifruit?

If you are looking for kiwi information such as origin, where to buy, how to use, and how to process them, the following details will surely be what you need! Continue reading!

What Kind Of Fruit Is A Kiwi?

Kiwi also comprehended as “Chinese gooseberry,” is an extremely popular and familiar fruit worldwide. This type has an oval shape and is slightly larger than a chicken egg. The outer shell is light brown, and the inner flesh is bright yellow and green.

You can easily buy this at most fruit stores and supermarkets. Unlike common fruits such as bananas, apples, or oranges, this type is quite expensive.

You can remove the skin and then enjoy the flesh inside. If you wonder if the small black seeds inside the meat are edible, you can eat it!.

You can eat kiwi raw like a regular fruit. Moreover, you can also create it into various dishes such as smoothies, snacks, decorate desserts, and mix a nutritious salad.

What Is The Best Method To Serve Kiwi?

Choosing the best fruit is not difficult! Specifically, it would help if you touched to feel its ripeness. Kiwifruit is ripe if you feel it already has the same softness as a ripe mango or peach.

Before enjoying, peel the skin by slicing off the first two parts, then use a spoon to separate the flesh and skin. After completing this stage, you can cut it up for salads, puree to make smoothies or many other ways to your liking.

What Does Kiwi Taste Like?

If you are a fan of sour varieties, kiwifruit will be the best name to suggest. This variety has a mild sour taste mixed with sweetness. Specifically, you can feel its sour taste similar to ripe pineapple but quite like strawberry. You can comfortably enjoy both the flesh and seeds inside with this type.

Kiwi Recipes

This fruit has a fresh sweetness, so it is processed into many different dishes such as cocktails, smoothies, fruit cakes, and most commonly is a nutritious salad for all the family.

It is worth mentioning that an enzyme of this type can damage collagen. From this problem, if you combine kiwifruit with gelatin, it will not give good results.

Where Is Kiwifruit Usually Sold?

This fruit is commonly grown in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere. For this reason, they are available in supermarkets throughout the year.

Usually, you will find this kiwifruit sourced from New Zealand or China. If you see it grown in the US, it will usually be in California. When choosing to buy, you need to observe and choose fruits free from stains, mold, bruises, and firm but not too hard.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Kiwi Fresh?

Normally, you can store kiwis at room temperature (avoid sunlight) for ethylene-producing varieties. If you want to speed up its ripening, you can pair it with some banana, apple, or pear.

Like fruits with soft flesh, you can put them in an airtight container to store in the refrigerator after peeling or cutting kiwis. If you desire to maintain them longer, you can puree them and freeze them.

Kiwi will maintain its full flavor if you eat it after it is ripe and avoid leaving it too long as it will cause mushy or spoilage.

Various Types Of Kiwifruit

It’s great that Kiwifruit comes in so many different sizes and types, including:

  • Hayward: The most common, larger than the egg, the shell is brown, hairy, and when cut, you will see the flesh is green.
  • Golden: The price is quite expensive, the flesh is yellow, the sweetness is attractive, less sour, and the skin is smoother.
  • Mini: Small size like a grape and can eat the skin.
  • Berry: The skin is smooth green.
  • Hardy: The flesh is a delicious blend of green and red.

In addition to the common names mentioned above, many other varieties are also grown in many locations worldwide.



Surely the useful information related to kiwi mentioned above will be a great reference for you. After this sharing, you can be confident in your kiwi knowledge and choose the best ones.

If you are a lover of nutritious fruits like kiwi, please regularly update our latest information! Hope these details are valuable to you! See you soon!

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