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Butcher Knife Vs Cleaver Knife: Which One Is Worth Your Money?

The Butcher and the Cleaver knives are two very important utensils for any chef and can be used for many different things.

The Cleaver knife is the ideal kitchen tool for cutting, slicing, and chopping meats, whereas the butcher is perfectly at home when working with anything from large chunks of beef to small scales on fish.

This article will provide a detailed comparison between “Butcher Knife vs Cleaver Knife“. Surely this comparison would be of great help. Read on!

Cleaver Vs Butcher Knife: Quick Summary



Dimensions of the blade (without handle) 6-8” 6-14”
The capacity to cut through the bone Moderate (suitable for lesser incisions and bones with thinner bones). Provides a finer, more exact cut) High (suitable for butchering and dressing full carcasses)
Weight *Refers to the size of the knife*

It has a maximum weight of 2.5 lbs

*Refers to the size of the knife*

It has a maximum weight of 2.5 lbs

Blade Thickness *varies*

Usually about.2 cm thick


Thicknesses of 0.2-0.25 cm are common

Butcher Knife Vs Cleaver: Which One Should You Use?

With a cleaver and butcher knife, you can easily cut your ingredients into thin slices. If you are a meat lover, it’s best to have both in your kitchen as they’re essential in cutting and chopping your ingredients very quickly.

Choosing which one to use when preparing your meals could be hard since there are still some similarities between the main characteristics of these knives but check out the list below if you’re still confused.

Blade Size

When it comes to knives in the kitchen, you need some tools that are up to the job and will cut without having a meltdown. Many times kitchen knives are made to break quickly after just a few uses and can’t withstand any pressure or force.

These two particular blade sets are made so that they can tackle the tougher cuts of meat and fat your other blades may not be capable of cutting without warping or snapping at some point.

They both come in various sizes depending on what kind of expert knife user you want to be and how you want them to feel in your hand during use.

Bone Cutting Ability

There is no such thing as an all-in-one kitchen tool designed to tackle just about any task you can think of – and the same holds for the whetstone.

While many people end up purchasing a whetstone expecting it to repair chipped blades and sharpen dull kitchen knives, it often proves detrimental rather than beneficial by creating too fine a point that weakens the blade.

If you are looking for something that gets the job done with minimal fuss, stick with a high-quality butcher knife (butcher cleaver) instead! Whetstones can be tricky objects making it easy to use one incorrectly, so if you are new to them, don’t make these common mistakes.

Weight Of The Knife

These are incredibly large knife tools.

When it comes down to one or the other, a difference in size is not much of a comparison because the ranges between a cleaver and a Butcher’s knife span from massive to humongous. Think of your cleaver as Mike Tyson and your butcher’s knife as George Foreman.

This way, you can make an even more accurate comparison between the two.

The Thickness Of The Blade

It can be not easy to know what knives you need in your kitchen, but it is worth it if you plan on cooking regularly. Even if you are starting out and only have a few recipes that you know how to make, don’t think you will continue without expanding your repertoire down the line.

It is important that when choosing which knives to invest in, remember that the heavier the tool (i.e., cleaver or meat pounder) creates a thicker blade that can slice through larger cuts of meat with more ease than lighter ones. Both knives are one of the best options for heavy tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary For A Meat Cleaver To Be Sharp?

The cleaver is larger and thicker than a normal kitchen knife. It’s designed to cut through tougher materials like fish bones or the backbones of large animals such as deer.

Because these blades are much thicker than regular kitchen knives, they also have blunt fronts that help them strike force momentum against their targets. This helps drive through difficult materials by using the blade weight and your force in addition to speed.

What Knife Is Capable Of Slicing Through Bone?

A Cleaver and a Butcher knife will cut through the skeleton in your kitchen, but your cleaver is better at that job.

Why Is There A Hole In A Butcher’s Knife?

The hole helps avoid a vacuum forming when the blade cuts something, meaning you can pull it out more easily.

What Is A Perfect Meat Cleaver?

A good cleaver needs to be durable. Quality stainless steel is preferable but not necessarily essential. While there used to be a stigma attached relating the quality of cleavers to price, many cheaper products are made from good quality steel materials, which should never be overlooked.

What Is It About The Cleaver That Makes It So Famous In Chinese Cooking?

A Chinese cleaver is a knife with a much slimmer blade than a Western cleaver. It retains its versatility but is not comparable to the Western one as it’s made for more delicate purposes such as slicing and dicing.

Makes an excellent choice where cleavers are called for as it’s just as capable at chopping, mincing, and cutting bones but doesn’t use it to cut or splinter through frozen meats as some of its counterparts would like a carving knife.

So Which One Is Better, The Cleaver Or The Butcher?

If you like to cut up your food, then both of them are essential additions to your arsenal. A butcher knife is for slicing steaks, but a cleaver is great for making quick work of tough cuts and bone-in pieces that come out of your freezer.


The Butcherknife and the Cleaver knife are multipurpose knives that can cut through just about anything. These knives can do many different things and are valuable tools in the kitchen.

If you will use your knives for all-purpose cutting, then the cleaver is a great choice, but if you want a good knife for all types of meat, then the butcher knife is the better option. Good luck with your purchase!

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